Holiday Presents :: Christmas Cracker Template

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MiniEco has a free printable template to make Christmas crackers for your holiday table that can also be used as gift boxes for smaller gifts.

Christmas crackers, or bon-bons, are used in Christmas celebration in the UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa) that dates back to the early 1840s in London. Some people in Russia also use crackers, but during New Years Eve celebrations.

A cracker is made up of a cardboard tube wrapped in bright decorative paper, which makes it look like a large candy. The cracker has a small strip of cardboard that contains silver fulminate, and makes a snapping sound when it is pulled.

At the dinner table, guests pull the small strip of cardboard to split open the cracker, which reveals its contents. 
Usually the cracker has a colored paper crown inside; a small toy, trinket, or model; and a quote, motto, or joke on a small piece of paper.

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