SACI Consortium Internships

SACI Consortium Internships

In Florence, Italy

Students of SACI Consortium Member Schools are invited to apply for the 3 credit Internships for the Fall and Spring terms. Interns are to give 8 hours a week to the Internship discipline chosen assisting faculty in many non instructional roles. Deadlines for application are April 1st for the Fall semester and October 31 for the Spring semester.

Internships are available in Painting, Fresco, Drawing, Etching, Design, Multi Media, Photography, Illustration, Sculpture, Ceramics, Art History, Conservation, Gallery and Exhibition. See the full SACI course listings and descriptions on the SACI website.

All students must fill out the regular SACI application with transcript and indicate in a separate letter their desired intern subject. Intern applicants need an additional recommendation letter from a faculty person supporting the internship area/subject chosen and approving the choice. Applications will be reviewed by Faculty Area Heads as well as SACI Faculty. Grades will be on a pass/fail basis as well as a written evaluation of the Internship.

For more information on these internships, click here.