Atelier :: Representative Nominations Wanted

Atelier, YOUR Student Government, currently has two open Representative positions on the board. They are soliciting nominations

Nominations are being taken to fill both positions for the Spring 2012 semester. Please note: these two Representative positions are only for spring 2012.

Atelier's mission is to foster communication between the BAC administration and the student body, to emphasize and promote professional and social aspects of student activities on and off campus, and to foster fellowship, cooperation, and unity between and among BAC students and organizations.

Atelier is one of the best ways to get involved in the school's happenings, connect with other students, and learn the inner workings of the school and of your education. To learn more about Atelier, click here.

Representative Role

-Representatives shall be elected to represent the student body as a whole.
-Representatives are appointed as committee chairpersons by the Vice President; Representative are not limited to how many committees they can chair or how many they may belong to.
-As a Committee Chairperson, the duties of a Representative include organizing student interest, maintaining a list of members in their respective committee as well as organizing events/fundraisers to better establish your committee in the community.
-Representatives may also be assigned additional responsibilities by vote of the Executive Board.
-Representatives shall attend each regular meeting of Atelier.

Stipulations of Running for Atelier Representative

1. Have been enrolled full-time in degree programs at the BAC for a minimum of two consecutive semesters 
2.  Be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better at the time they run for office and must remain in good standing throughout their term.
3.  Not be an officer of another recognized student organization on campus by the first day of the semester when term begins.

Please nominate yourself or someone you know, who would like to be a student representative on Atelier.

To nominate, email by Wednesday February 8, 2012 with the person’s name, contact information, and a small paragraph describing why they would be a great Atelier Representative.