Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Spring 2012 semester hours will be posted soon!

The BAC Writing and Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides a variety of academic support services for all students. Tutors are fellow students, alumni, or specially hired professionals knowledgeable in their relevant subject matter. All services at the LRC are free for BAC students.

Their office is located on the first floor of the 320 Newbury St building, and can be reached at 617-585-0174, or by emailing writingcenter@the-bac.edu, or learningcenter@the-bac.edu.

The LRC offers two types of tutoring:

No appointment is necessary for drop-in tutoring. You simply show up at the designated time and place. Due to the nature of this type of tutoring, if there is excess demand in a given week, tutoring may have to take place in small groups or in individual sessions capped at 15-20 minutes.

By Appointment
If you want more in-depth assistance than you feel you can get out of drop-in tutoring, individual sessions are also available. You will be given the contact information for a BAC tutor, and then it is your responsibility to contact this person and set up meeting times.

Please keep in mind that tutor times can be limited. Tutors are meant to be a resource, but are not "on call." If you need help in any class, please contact the LRC at 617-585-0174.