Swatch Art Rules Design Competition 2012

The most desirable trophy in competitive freestyle snowboarding takes on a fresh new look every season to award and celebrate the TTR World Snowboard Champion. Hong Kong/ Hamburg based toy artist Mark Landwehr has developed a very special character as the victory icon of the TTR World Snowboard Tour.

The canvas for your artwork is a resin statue of 36 cm (14.4”) high, 4.5kg (10.5 pounds) and it’s dashing looks make an Oscar look downright plain. All it needs is your design for a fresh and creative finish.

The TTR World Snowboard Tour Trophy and the official Swatch Tour Watch are looking for a new design. The challenge: get creative with the theme Progression & Style. This is your chance to break into the spotlight through the snowboard and art world!

Register here, download the design template and get creative. Create a graphic design expressing Progression & Style. Submit your artwork online before 27th March 2012, midnight (UTC time).

The uploaded designs are displayed in the gallery and can be shared through Facebook. A jury evaluates the artworks and invites 3 nominees to the Swatch Art Rules Night where the final winning design will be unveiled.

The prize:
YOUR personal creative look on the TTR World Snowboard Tour Trophy 2012/2013!
YOUR design on the official Swatch Tour Watch 2012/2013!
YOUR moment of fame on stage at the Swatch Art Rules Night!
YOUR creative holiday: 2 weeks in New York City including travel costs, accommodation and pocket money for 2 people!

Participate now!