Atelier Student Representatives :: Spring 2012

L to R: Julio Cedano, Amir Banihashem

Two new Atelier Student Representatives were appointed this week for the spring 2012 semester: Amir Banihashem, M.Arch candidate; and Julio Cedano, B.Arch candidate!

Amir Banihashem is starting Segment II. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film from Northwestern University with a double major in Economics. Prior to attending the BAC, Amir worked in construction management.

Amir is interested in creating intelligent environments through interdisciplinary collaboration to improve human life. He is also interested in designing responsive architecture and buildings that are manufactured onsite using digital fabrication and built by robots.

In his spare time, Amir loves finding exciting software and emerging technologies, tinkers around in Rhino, plays tennis and soccer, and enjoys fine beers and food.

Julio Cedano
 is in his fourth year of the Bachelor of Architecture program at the BAC. Prior to coming to the BAC, Julio earned an Associates Degree in Architectural Technology from Massasoit Community College.

Julio currently works as a Job Captain at CBI Consulting, a mid size architecture, restoration, and engineering firm in South Boston. 

When not at the BAC or at work, Julio enjoys 
architectural photography and portraiture. His photography was also featured in the January 2011 edition of Architectural Record.