Black History Month Contest :: Week 4

Here is your fourth and final chance to win the BACNOMAS Black History Month Blog Contest! These are the clues for this week's designer:

-This Los Angeles-based architect designed many residences for Hollywood’s elite, as well as numerous public buildings throughout Southern California.
-He was known for perfecting the skill of rendering upside-down to present to clients sitting across the table from him.
-He was also the first African-American member of the AIA.

You have from now until this Sunday night (February 26, 2012) at midnight to submit your answer, along with your name and major to

The first student with the first correct answer will win either a $10 Starbucks or Blick Gift Card. On Monday, February 27, we'll reveal the designer and the winner will be notified.

More info about the contest can be found here!