Blog Pick :: Monkee Design

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch candidate

This week’s blog pick focuses on a smaller scale, a more personal level – industrial design. Monkee Design doesn’t show off another innovative skyscraper or tiny house but instead shows off new ideas about products we all use every day. Products can range from bubble calendars to folding backpacks made from polypropene block-copolymer.  

Bubble Calendar, made from the always fun to pop bubble wrap!

Monkee Design feels that too much work being showcased on design sites is professional and so they aim to be different. The site primarily shows student ideas as well as professionals.

Folding Backpack prototype designed by Lijmbach,Leeuq + Vormgeving

Also on the site are interviews with practicing industrial designers. Questions asked in the interviews range from, “How did you first get into design?” to “How do you best cultivate your creativity?”

 Sliced Bread Notebooks - these are awesome and I want them

If you have any interest in industrial design or feel you have some good ideas, draw up some pretty diagrams and submit it!