Need Weekend Plans? New BSA Space and Gallery Exhibit

by Curtis Robinson, BArch candidate

If you have a few hours to spare this weekend, or if you have time on your lunch break, why not check out the new Boston Society of Architects space?

 The eye-catching staircase designed by Höweler+Yoon

The BSA recently moved into their new space, designed by Höweler+Yoon, and sports the beautifully crafted green staircase. The lobby is a small white box, which is cut in half by the one-of a kind staircase, which due to its size and color is clearly visible from the street.

The gallery works just as Erik Höweler described it when he spoke at the BAC Lecture Series last fall. The staircase guides you upstairs where the same green from the staircase carries up to the ceiling and guides visitors through the gallery while winding around various conference rooms and offices.

 Current BSA Gallery Exhibit "IN FORM"

The current BSA gallery exhibit is entitled, “IN FORM” is curated and designed by the Boston firm, over,under. The exhibit focuses on three main themes, Legible City, New/Public, and Futures – all together these themes explore how design can shape the urban world we live in every day. There is a great combination of built and proposed projects that could have been great or not so great to see built.

It's the tiny details in life that really matter
If all of this is not enough for you to already be on your way out the door, then go to see how the information is displayed. over,under has created beautiful diagrams that display data that would otherwise be difficult to understand. There are also interactive slides, models and an iPad interface system.

So carve out an hour or two and go check out the new BSA space and gallery exhibit this weekend. It’s free and educational – how can you beat that? For information on hours, click here.