Blog Pick :: landscape urbanism

By: Curtis Robinson. BArch Candidate

landscape urbanism is made for people like you who are interested in cities, landscape, and design.  The site provides readers with various topics that range from how to make valuable diagrams, to how to better the atmosphere of airports.

The article, "
visualizing information," discusses how great diagrams should not only look nice but should more importantly tell a story of how, what, when, and why.  The article describes different typology of diagrams and how they should be used.  

from the article, "visualizing information"

If you're traveling over spring break this next week, then look at, "airport urbansim: cultural drivers at LAX."  The article goes into how current airport atmospheres work, or don't work, and how designers are trying to improve them. 

Also, make sure to check out the interview section for articles that showcase interviews with landscape, and urban designers.