Geothermal Well Drilling :: Green Alley Project

We will begin drilling geothermal wells starting Friday March 30, 2012. Please note that the first of 12 wells will be located between the fire house and the ramp leading to 951 Boylston Street.

As per the initial well drilled last summer, we will have fencing in place that will keep passersby safe, and to guide them to the entrance ramp. Are you wheelchair-bound? Please enter through the Boylston Hall emergency exit. If you intend to visit the building anytime while the rig is in place, please be sure to watch your step and use the stair tower door for both coming and going.

The rig will be in place for about two weeks and will drill to a depth of 1,500 feet (twice the height of the Prudential building). Once that well is completed we will begin to do two at one time in other places within the alley and eventually move out onto the sidewalk on Hereford and Newbury Streets. All of the wells will be joined by underground piping. We expect drilling to end in June. Caution should be exercised near any equipment.

More information about additional well starts and excavations will be posted to the blog as we move forward.