AIAS BAC :: 2012-2013 Executive Board Elections

As we are getting close to wrapping up this academic year, it's time for the AIAS Chapter to have our elections for the 2012-2013 Executive Board. Both the Chapter Elections and the Bylaws are very important to maintain and grow the chapter so that it continues to have a positive impact at the BAC.

This year there are five positions that we will be filling. These positions are a great opportunity to not only gain critical leadership skills needed in the profession today, but also enable you to become actively involved with the architectural community on the local, regional, and national levels, which in turn allow you to expand your network, gain a deeper insight into the field, and evolve as a designer.

To nominate yourself or someone, please email with a nomination statement by April 6, 2012.

Elections Timetable

March 30 - April 6, 2012

Nominations Period and Statements of Intent Collected

April 9-13, 2012

Eligibility Check

April 16-24, 2012

Electronic Voting via Survey monkey

April 25, 2012

Officers Selected; Run off voting if needed

April 26, 2012

Contacted and Confirm New Officers

April 27, 2012

Announce New Officers at General Meeting and to the school via blog

Eligibility Requirements

Elected candidates will be required to become a chapter member in order to assume that position. If you feel you would like to run and are not sure if you are eligible, please contact Jessica Leong.

In compliance with the BAC’s Minimum Academic Standards for Participation in Student Leadership at the BAC, the follow prerequisites must be met by each candidate along with the Chapter requirements for any given position to the Executive Board:

-S/he is currently enrolled as a full-time student, with two prior semesters of full-time enrollment.
-S/he maintains a 3.0 minimum cumulative G.P.A.
-S/he maintains Practice Compliance: all modes of practice assessment such as skill level are up to date.
-S/he is not delayed in the portfolio review sequence and schedule: meaning a student’s path to graduation is not being delayed by the submission or resubmission of a portfolio.
-S/he was engaged as a member of intended group for at least one prior semester.


The President shall be the executive head of the Chapter and act as spokesperson and representative of the Chapter at all meetings, organizations, and committees unless another member is delegated such authority by the President. A pronouncement, made by the President, shall not obligate the Chapter unless the obligation or commitment has been specifically authorized by Chapter action. The President shall conduct meetings with the Faculty Adviser and Dean of the College at their discretion, but must maintain a form of communication throughout the school year. In addition to, the President shall conduct all Executive Committee meetings to which all members of the committee shall be present including the Faculty Advisor. The President shall attend all regular meetings of the Chapter.

The President will serve as the Chair of the Studio Culture Committee. The responsibilities and duties of the Studio Culture Chair will include, but not limited to the following: Examining the current conditions of studio culture at the BAC, developing a strategic plan that the Executive Board may execute that is in line with the objectives of this Chapter, the NAAB standards for studio culture, and rules of the BAC, periodic review of the Studio Culture statement as contained within the Campus Compact to ensure that it is up to date and meeting the needs of students every year, and to help ensure the positive growth of Studio Culture at the BAC. The Studio Culture Chair will also be responsible for making regular reports to the Executive Board during meetings on the status of Studio Culture at the BAC and the progress of the action items/strategic plan thus far. Also, it is highly recommended that the Studio Culture Chair work closely with Student Development and other Student Organizations on these matters since Studio Culture does not pertain to just architecture but to all of the degree programs at the BAC.

Vice President

The Vice President shall possess all the powers and duties of the President in the event of absence, disability, refusal, or failure of the President to act as outline above. An election will be held to fill the position of Vice President in the event that he/she must assume the office of President. Included in the duties of Vice President shall be the power to oversee all Chapter committees. The Vice President shall coordinate all activities relating to membership services and drives. These activities may include but not be limited to: establishing dates and times for staffed membership drive tables; maintaining membership lists; submitting names and required dues to the Institute; and distributing membership materials throughout the academic year. The Vice President shall attend all regular meetings of the Chapter.


The Treasurer shall have charge and exercise general supervision of financial affairs and keep the records and books or thereof. The Treasurer shall prepare budgets, collect amounts due, and receipt for and have custody of Chapter funds and monies, and make disbursements thereof and shall have custody of its instruments and papers involving finance and financial commitments. He/she shall conduct the correspondence relating to this office and shall perform all duties usual and incidental to this office.


The Secretary shall act as recording and corresponding secretary of the chapter. The Secretary shall take minutes of each meeting and prepare the previous meeting's minutes for distribution and review by  the members. Upon a vote during a meeting, the Secretary shall record the votes cast in the minutes. The Secretary shall be responsible for the posting of materials and information of the Chapter and the Institute  to include the Executive Committee/chapter communication via digital or hard copy form. The Secretary shall attend each regular meeting of the Chapter.

BSA Student Liaison

The BSA Student Liaison shall be responsible for maintaining dialogue and communication with the local AIA Chapter, the BSA, to actively seek out ways that the BSA and the Chapter can engage and enrich one another, and to make regular reports to the Executive Committee. This position is not limited to attending meetings and contacting Board and Committee members, but any activities that allows for cooperation between the Chapter and its members with the BSA and its members, such as Social Events, Lectures, Professional Reviews, Firm Tours, Mentorship, or any other types of activities that are within the spirit of connecting the Chapter to the Professional Community.