Atelier Elections 2012-2013 :: President

Online voting for Atelier Elections will begin Wednesday April 25, 2012.

There are two candidates for President of Atelier for 2012-2013: Josh Castellano and Marcus Hamblin. Here are their Nomination Statements:

Josh Castellano

I appreciate being nominated by a fellow classmate. I formally accept the nomination for ATELIER, Student Body President. As someone who is constantly sought out by his peers to help solve problems, I would be happy to apply those skills to this important role. A role, like the rest on the board, that requires diligence and selflessness. The role of President, as I have observed, is not to call the shots but to listen to others—to serve his classmates. I’d like to be the next. You can find out more about who I am here:

I like to think that I keep my word. When I campaigned for Treasurer I promised I’d get behind the wheel to find out where student money was going. Quickly found out that even the student board didn’t know. And so system was created to track it all. I pushed for transparency and today any student can ask Atelier for a copy of its finances. Over the past two years I have opposed initiatives that encourage conflicts between Atelier and other community members of the BAC. I have also opposed initiatives that promote spending of student money for the benefit of a few. I have pushed for more transparency. And I have been alone in many of these debates because I’m not afraid to speak up for those not present.

As the Student Body President I will continue my effort to help students answer the age-old questions of “What does Atelier do?” From my observation it is clear that we need better communication with our peers. With a steady commitment from other student organizations present, it is time to focus on those who are left behind—members of our community that don’t have time for student organizations but deserve to benefit from a pool of funds which they contribute to.

Marcus Hamblin

The best connection we can make here is with one another. As Atelier President, I will focus on the opportunity for each of us to make valuable connections that lead to stories of success. To me, it is crucial to be led by those who inspire me, and I intend on creating an atmosphere where we can inspire one another. There are great things happening here at the BAC, and I intend to lead and support initiatives that capitalize on the passion you bring to this school. I will do this, while taking us to the next level, in an honest, bold, and sincere way. Thank you.

Watch Marcus' campaign video, Commitment to You.