Atelier Elections 2012-2013 :: Student Reps

Online voting for Atelier Elections will begin Wednesday April 25, 2012.

There are eight candidates for five available Student Representative positions for 2012-2013. Here are their Nomination Statements:

Lonnie Ash
During my time at the BAC, I have been involved with the student ambassador program and with the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students. I have also completed two Gateway projects. Participating in these programs has convinced me that there is need for more student-to-student mentorship. As students, we have many opportunities, through the Practice and Advising departments, to obtain mentors that are currently in the design profession and who provide valuable insight to students. By supplementing this professional mentor program with an intermediate step (student mentorship), students will have the opportunity to experience mentorship in a low-less situation.

Julio Cedano
I am interested in becoming a student representative. I feel that my involvement in various activities and events within the school have taught me how to handle and take charge of certain tasks as a leader. If nominated as a student representative I will not only bring experience in working within the school, but also a dedication to working towards the needs of our students at the BAC. I feel strongly towards providing our students the resources they need to enjoy and further their educational experience at the BAC.

My involvement as a five time student ambassador in the past is proof to the enthusiasm I have towards helping other students at the school. Likewise, In the past year and a half, along with members of atelier I have been involved in organizing the lecture series for the BAC. My role as a recruiter for the lecture series has allowed me to invite established and emerging architects and designers that I feel are exceptional for our student body to enjoy and learn from. Additionally, my involvement in the lecture series committee, along with your fellow Atelier member Mikkel Stromstad, also included the poster designs for the lecture series events.

My previous role as co-leader of The Photography Club as giving me the opportunity to organize, run, and teach open workshops that help others who are interested in photography gain knowledge that can be used within BAC classes and outside of school. Other events and projects in the BAC that I have volunteered and contributed to are, the NOMAS Model Building Workshop, and the Ecotopian House project. I hope that my strong well rounded experience and involvement with the school is one that will be of a choice to the members of Atelier when choosing a representative.

Angeline Focht
I am fully invested in supporting student life here at the BAC. I want to work with Atelier to improve participation in school events. I work closely with student development to promote student events and I make every effort to meet and get to know my peers. I hope to continue to help raise involvement of the student body and work to make opportunities and processes more transparent for all students.
John Gravelin
Having developed the school’s first Climate Action Plan, I know a lot of capital projects that need to be completed in order to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings as well as reduce student related emissions. I would love to increase the discounted T pass for students, faculty and staff, as this will become a major issue for transportation amongst commuters with the recent announcement of a MBTA fare hike and service reductions.

I would also be proud to see new windows in 320 Newbury as this is a major cause of unnecessary energy consumption. Setting up work-study opportunities for students to focus on updating the school’s Climate Action Plan would be a primary focus. This needs to be updated every two years and the school needs new students to learn and create another draft. Other similar activities like creating a ride share map and organizing our school into the nation-wide Recyclemania contest will be other goals of mine. I look forward to participating in Atelier activities.

Kyle Martin
The Boston Architectural College features an extraordinary assortment of students from all different walks of life, cultures, and nationalities. Despite the broad range of perspectives, we unanimously share a passion for design and a determination to succeed in the grueling academic lifestyle we undertake. In addition to the diversity of my fellow classmates, I believe that my background and life experiences are a significant contribution to the rich mixture that makes up the BAC.  In camaraderie and with an understanding of student life, I am running for the position of Atelier Student Representative to ensure the most rewarding student experience possible. It is my goal to inspire others to seek out opportunities to actively engage with the existing community, as well as enhance the student experience and encourage the development of valuable skills for future careers in design.
Camila Matho
I am running for Student Representative because I believe that every student’s voice should be heard. I think that the BAC is on the right road for the right change and I want to be a part of that change. I don't want just my voice to be heard but instead the students as a whole; it is important for the BAC students to come on campus and feel like a community with one another because as the years go on, this does become their second home. I think that coming together as a community is what needs to be done at the BAC and I know that if elected as Student Representative I can help build that community.

I care a lot about the student's interest and what they want in their school so it is important to take these things into consideration so that the school, the BAC, becomes an enjoyable place to be for the students to be in. If elected as Student Representative I will be the voice in representing the student body. As a Representative, I firmly believe that I can be a catalyst to voice student opinions and strengthening the BAC community. I will be the liaison between the students voice as well as administration so that together we can build a stronger community.

Christian Olachia
I want to be a student representative to do exactly what the title says, represent the student body. I believe in a strong work environment at the BAC and believe this can be achieved by strengthening the collaboration of the student body. I know the school wants the student body to exceed in the design field and have the best possible education. If elected I will be a voice of the the student body to ensure our resources, culture, and collaboration is at its best. I want the student body to know there is someone there to listen to their needs and wants, and I hope to bridge the gap between the voices of our student body and the BAC administration.
Angela Sarno
Atelier, like any student government, should serve as the backbone of a student body. With several years experience, both in architecture and various design related projects, as well as my continued dedication to the BAC community over the past 5 years, I want to get involved in Atelier because I believe there is more to be done in terms of providing for the student body in the way of student life and opportunities. I want to get involved because if you want change or to make things happen, you cannot be afraid of getting your hands dirty. As a student rep, I am more than willing to dive in and promote exciting ideas for the BAC community.