To run for and be officially recognized as a BACNOMAS officer, you must be a registered and currently paid NOMA national member. Please remember that there is no fee required to join BACNOMAS as a Chapter Member, to attend, or assist with planning any BACNOMAS events.

As part of the BAC’s requirement for student leadership, all candidates must be current full-time students, and have at least 2 prior semesters of full-time enrollment. The candidate must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and full Practice compliance.

To officially declare your intention to run for a position, provide a 250-300 word nomination statement to by Friday, May 4, 2012. The statement should include the position you intend to run for, your current academic standing at the BAC, and your reasoning as to how you can benefit the Chapter.

You may not be a recognized officer of any other BAC student organization to be considered for a BACNOMAS officer position.

Friday May 4
Nomination statements due to, due date to register and pay dues as a NOMA national member

May 5 - May 10
Voting opened to registered and paid NOMA members

Friday May 11
Voting results announced on Student Development Blog

-Chapter leader and head executive
-Represents the Chapter at all BAC and NOMA-related events and activities
-Conducts monthly general body meetings
-Conducts Executive Board meetings at his/her discretion
-Maintains regular communication between Chapter and Office of Student Development
-Serve as primary liaison between BosNOMA and BACNOMAS
-Heads all other Chapter-related activities that he/she deems necessary to Chapter enrichment
-Assumes the official role of Past President at the conclusion of his/her term

-Assists the President with planning and execution of all Chapter activities (i.e. room requests, calendar planning, event logistics, etc.)
-Leads efforts relating to Chapter membership and recruitment
-Assumes the position of President in case of absence, disability, or other failure to act as outlined

-Manages Chapter communication outlets (e-mail list, Facebook account, etc.)
-Attends and records notes and minutes at all Chapter meetings
-In charge of updating events on Facebook and sending timely notices for meetings, events, etc.

-Maintains and supervises all Chapter-related financial affairs
-Submits funding request forms for all Chapter events and activities
-Maintains regular contact with Atelier Treasurer regarding Chapter fund management
-Keeps up-to-date records and documentation of Chapter budget

PUBLIC RELATIONS (optional – available if all other positions are filled)
-Develops posters, blog postings, website graphics, for Chapter events and activities
-Maintains contact with Office of Student Development relating to publication of chapter events
-Relays information and serves as primary contact for the Chapter relating to outside public events that may benefit the Chapter, its members, or BAC community at-large