Blog Pick :: Earth 911

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

Earth Day is soon approaching which is even more reason you should think about what you can do to help your local environment and even, the Earth.  Earth911  provides readers with accessible earth friendly ideas that can easily be put into action. The site also provides users with location of local recycling centers for your area as well as information on where you can bring various materials like batteries, paint and construction materials. 

Throw your old pencil shavings into the compost bin!

If you're into composting, then you know that the basics of a good compost bin are scraps of fruits, vegetables, yard timings and paper - but did you know you could throw in your pencil shavings, or even your hair?  The site gives a list and facts about interesting items you can actually throw into the compost.  

Cups and plates can now become construction materials!

A recent article describes the process of how objects like cups, plates and cartons can create a sustainable and long lasting building material. The company that manufactures the material, ReWall, recycles about two million tons of polyethylene-coated materials every year, and most of those materials brought to their facility are located less than 500 miles away.  

Check out the site and articles and find out what you can do to help the Earth, especially on Sunday, April 22nd.