Blog Pick :: IKEA Hackers


By Camila Mathó, BArch Candidate

Ikea Hackers is a very interesting blog. At first one might thing that the blog might be about mis-reading (or simply not using) the instructions or finding new ways to use the furniture that Ikea sells. Some posts do include that, but it mostly illustrates ways of how to use their items in different ways, sometimes with a slight alteration. They show how people have changed the items into ways that fit their lifestyle better or simply found another way to use the products. Some of the examples require a little bit of work, while others just require some imagination.

A simple transformation can be as easy as altering the cover for the laundry hamper. The Ikea hacker talks about how she bought a fabric that she preferred and made a slipcover for the one that it already came with.  

Whereas a little more complicated project is this side table turning into an industrial bathroom. With some reconfiguration and paint it looks as if it is a bathroom built in.