Blog Pick :: MidCentury Architecture

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

Is there anything better (or worse in some opinions) than mid-century architecture?  The blog appropriately titled, MidCentury Architecture, celebrates and examines the designs created between the end of World War II and Neil Armstrong's leap of mankind.

Idea House 1947 - one family. one modern house, one week

For those that enjoy looking at images and not reading long articles, take a look because the blog is mainly just great interior and exterior images, as well as plans and some detail drawings.  Many of the posts also include magazine articles from the time which are really interesting to read and to notice how times have indeed changed.  

The three major ideals of architecture at the time were the following:
1. Keep it simple
2. Connecting the inside to the outside creates harmony with the site
3. Let nature do the work

Idea House 1947 - elevations
And just because "Mad Men" recently started up again a few weeks ago, take a look at how you used to wait around in an airport.   

 How airports used to be - in honor of the recent return of "Mad Men"