Breakthrough: Women in Design :: Mika Gilmore

Please join BACNOMAS this week in welcoming our featured presenters to this Thursday’s 3rd Annual Breakthrough: Women in Design.

Mika Gilmore recently completed her last semester of the Bachelor of Interior Design program, graduating this year. She has worked in various firms (HMFH; Kallmann McKinnell and Wood) and has been involved in many practice projects at the BAC - as an interior design leader in the Ecotopian House and team member for the Solar Decathlon House. As a teaching assistant for the entry-level AOP studios, she also takes part as a reviewer for progress reviews and studio finals.

Mika has realized that, as a designer, she could play a role in the world by creating responsible and sustainable design. "The amazing thing about design is how it evolves to become an answer, in form, not only in theory or statement, but in actuality." Her experiences led her to realize that she wanted a career in a creative field that demanded innovative problem solving, constant challenges, and opportunity to grow as a person and a professional.

Highlighted on Apartment Therapy and sold locally, Mika’s work is getting noticed. A multi-functional, modular storage wall inspired by the beehive and hexagon, her Hexy Wall design emerged from a BAC Furniture Studio and has been perfected through the iterative design/build process.

It is evident that as an emerging professional and a designer, Mika has found a way to have the two worlds of academics and practice inform each other very successfully, all while encouraging her exploration as an artist and a maker.

For more info on the Women In Design event, click here.