Interior Design :: All-Student Meeting 4/20/12

Interior Design All-Student Meeting
Friday April 20, 2012 from 6-7 pm
Fishbowl, 1st Floor, 320 Newbury St

Head of Interior Design, Crandon Gustafson will introduce
a curricular change that has the potential to allow ID students to move through the ID program more quickly.

The change: A reduction in the required number of Practice hours will shorten the path to graduation for those ID students who can take a correspondingly greater academic credit load. While maintaining the unique identity of the BAC as a place where concurrent professional practice is considered an integral part of one’s education, we believe the emphasis should be on the skills acquired through practice, and the integration of those skills in the classroom and studio.

The change, the reasons for it, and its meaning for current students in the BID and MID programs will be presented. Questions will be discussed and students will learn how to evaluate their current progress in the curriculum.

Come enjoy an evening snack as well.
We’re looking forward to seeing how many ID students we can get together in one place at one time!