Recap :: Long Studio to Havana, Day 3

Photo by: John Pilling  

By John Pilling, Havana Long Studio Instructor 

Saturday, February 11, 2012
Yulenne (‘Yule’ - pronounced ‘Julie’) and our driver met us at 9 AM to take us to the Plaza de Armas for our first meeting with Professor Architect Dr. Gina Rey, with whom John had worked the previous year at the 5th Havana Urban Design Charrette. Dr. Rey took us to the Maquetta de La Habana Vieja to describe the history of Havana’s development and architecture. Luis Montalvo translated her remarks. After Yule helped the group change money at the Cadeca on Obispo, we walked to the Plaza de Catedral to take time to sketch and see one of the palacios. 

Photo by: John Pilling  

Then we took the bus to the Alameda de Paula and the new Feria Artesenal for some more sketching. Later on, we used the bus to take a look at the Tallapiedra Power station and the railroad viaduct it faces. There was some switching going on under the viaduct, so we all got a chance to see the rolling stock up close and personal. We said ‘hasta mañana’ to Yule and the bus, and walked up to the Central Railroad station and the Casa Natal de José Martí. From there we walked up Calzada Agramonte, stopping at a coffee shop during a downpour. When the rain and coffee was finished, we went on to the Hotel Inglaterra for a (very) late lunch. Our good friend, Alain Pino Hernandez and his novia, Yusimi met us there. He suggested we spend the evening at the ‘Opera de la Calle’ in Playa, which we did. We had dinner during the performance, and danced with members of the cast afterwards. We caught cabs back to the hotel at the end of the evening.

Students who participated in the 2012 trip to Havana include:
Geoffrey Arthur, M.Arch
Joshua Barnett, B.Arch   
Derek Camara, B.Arch   
Samuel Coats, B.Arch    
Staci Corby, B.Arch
Jeffrey Estes, M.Arch   
Ruth Kuhlman, M.Arch   
Michael LaFontant, M.Arch   
Erin Morrisey, M.Arch   
Perla Muller, B.Arch   
Robert Ortiz, B.Arch   
Sylvia Williams, B.Arch