Blog Pick :: Data Visualization

Visualizing 138 years of Popular Science Magazine

By Angeline Focht, BArch candidate

Interested in graphics and infographics? Want some inspiration for how to translate those boring demographics into a punchy diagram? Then datavisualization is for you! 

Obama's Budget Proposal; interactive version here.

Data visualization is a blog created to bring together some of the best visual data and infographics into one place. It is published by Interactive Things, a design and technology studio based in Switzerland. 

One of their articles that caught my eye was the feature on Stamen Studio's series of maps. The studio has been working with City Tracking project to create a new way of mapping. They developed three series: 

Toner (high contrast black and white simplified maps, perfect for under-laying in your diagrams);
Terrain (shading with natural vegetation colors); and finally
Watercolor (also the most exciting).

You can find it here, and I highly recommend checking it out. They were able to create this map by applying raster effect area washes and organic edges over a paper texture. The end product is pretty gorgeous.

And if looking at blogs isn't really your thing, check out their twitter page, @datavis.