Creative Help Needed

Dan Kokonowski is a recent BDS design computing graduate working at Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy as an Augmented Reality Project Coordinator. Fraunhofer CSE, is currently retrofitting a historic building in Boston’s Innovation District and turning it into a living laboratory – collecting live data from installed systems and showcasing performance capabilities of all the latest clean energy technologies.

Dan is in charge of creating exhibits in the building’s Interactive Lobby Showcase including the use of multiple technologies developed by Fraunhofer and other partnering companies. The technologies include: augmented reality, interactive hand gesturing displays, 3-D televisions without glasses, and visible light communication. Dan is looking for BAC students interested in becoming part of a Fraunhofer advisory board; helping design, develop, and implement exhibits that showcase sustainable design technologies for Fraunhofer CSE’s new building.

The exhibits will use these technologies both as an attraction piece and as a teaching instrument to educate people about sustainable energy systems. There will be 7 - 10 exhibits based around a design and construction problem and its solution. The exhibits will include HVAC, Building Management System, Lighting and Windows, Electric Use/Plugloads, Buildling Envelope(Roof and Walls), and Photovoltaics, among others.

If you are interested in being a part of this innovative project, please contact Kyle Smets for more information at