Event Recap :: Atelier Open Forum

By Becky Anderson, Coordinator of Student Activities

On Monday April 30, 2012, Atelier held their bi-annual Open Forum in The Loft. Topics covered at the Forum include: appropriate spending of the Student Activity Fee, extension of the campus building hours, fabrication capabilities, and how students can get involved with Atelier committees. Our moderator was Atelier President 2011-2012 Jason Boone.

Around 40 students were in attendance for this semester's Forum, with students representing Studio Q, BAC NOMAS, as well as some elected Atelier board members, and some candidates for the upcoming Atelier board. BAC President Ted Landsmark was also in attendance for the event.

Atelier Treasurer Josh Castellano created a handout to explain what categories this academic year's Student Activity Fee funds have been spent on. This handout can be seen below.

Thank you to everyone who attended this semester's Open Forum. We hope to see you at the Fall Open Forum!