Final Exam Preparation

The first thing you should do when preparing for a final exam is to find out if the final going to concentrate on material since the midterm or is it going to be a comprehensive or cumulative final? Knowing this will make it much easier to organize and structure studying.

Figure out how many different types of material you will need to review. If you have four days until your final exam, divide reviewing that material between four days. Breaking up your review or studying will help lessen the burden of reviewing a large amount of information.

Assess where your knowledge level is in each subject area. If you feel comfortable in one specific area but not another, dedicate more time to the area you do not feel comfortable in.

Factor in breaks when studying. Taking a 10-30 minute scheduled study break to do a healthy activity (exercise, talking to a friend, have a healthy snack) can help you to be less distracted while studying.

Back away from social media while studying. If you are checking your text messages or Facebook for 5 minutes out of every 20 minutes you study, you are wasting 25% of your study time.

Set up review sessions with other people from your class. Some students find that studying together can help them understand things from a new perspective. Just make sure the other students you are studying with know what they are talking about!

Think you've mastered a skill or concept? Find a new problem where you can apply this new skill or concept to. Don't re-do the same problems or review the same scenarios. You need to test how well you are at mastering those concepts, not those problems.

Don't forget that the BAC is open extended hours during part of final exam week and studio review week! Use this opportunity to work on your projects, study, or prepare for your finals. Some nights, Atelier is even providing dinner in The Loft. Click here to find out more!