BAC Lingo :: Win a BAC T-Shirt

The BAC has some great campus culture. There are words and phrases that our students, instructors and staff use, but new students might not know what they mean.

When you were new to the BAC, what BAC-specific words or phrases were you confused by?

The first 10 BAC students to email Becky Anderson with an example TODAY (Wednesday, June 20, 2012) will win a BAC tshirt.

Here are some examples:

100 – 100 Mass Avenue
320 – 320 Newbury Street
951 – 951 Boylston Street
Bullpen – Education Center on the second floor of 320 Newbury St
CAS Hall – Cascieri Hall, named after Dean Arcangelo Cascieri.
Fishbowl – Glass meeting room on the first floor of 320 Newbury St