Blog Pick :: CreativeFluff Magazine

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

CreativeFluff is an online magazine dedicated to providing its readers with the best current art, culture, design, film, and philosophy about all things creative. The site spotlights new contemporary and emerging artists as well as controversial topics in art which could define the future of the art in our culture.   

Click image for interview with illustrator Stephanie Brown

The latest article discusses the power of print and how it has changed throughout the years, starting with pictograms, to the change over to alphabets, to the power of printing, and then the change over to the internet. The article is of course written through a large infographic.

Meet ARTIBITE: The Best Damn Motion Graphic Studio in The Netherlands
Click image for interview with ARTIBITE, a motion graphics agency

There are many artists profiles on the site which range from Dan Chan, an experimental filmmaker to fashion makeup artist, Abigail De Casanova. The short profile articles give insight into their past, what they are currently working on, and what they hope to achieve in the future. Check the site out here!