Blog Pick :: Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

Warning, today's blog pick is not filled with fancy renderings and pretty diagrams of firms you wish to work for someday. Today's blog pick is filled with writing and wisdom on, how to become a famous architect.

Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect, is the true story of one man and his dream to become a well known designer. The posts are written as helpful notes which vary from, "What is Important in Starchitectue School" to "Pay Attention to Your Glasses", both of which tell you how to fit the role of a starchitect.  

In, "Note 80. Why be famous?", the author answers the popular question, "Why do you want to be famous?" and breaks his answer down into various bullet points:

"-You will get asked for your autograph. That alone is reason enough.
 - People (esp. architectural critics) will stop really questioning you. They just assume everything you do and say makes sense and is just wonderful.
- You get credit for things that lesser known architects have already invented long before you stole...ahem, I mean borrowed it from them."

There are also showcased interviews ranging from Diller+Scofidio_Renfero, to Rem Koolhaas as well as Thom Wayne.  

Since studio and other classes are over for the summer, why not take some time, read the wise notes and learn a thing or two, so that you too can be on your way to becoming a famous architect.