Blog Pick :: The Public Dialogue

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

Public Architecture is a national nonprofit that puts the resources of architecture in the service of the public interest.  The company engages architecture firms, nonprofits, and manufacturers to commit to design for the public good.  The Public Dialogue  is the company blog which allows them to get current projects known to the public.  The company sees a problem, and then works with the public to make a better solution.

A past project the company worked on was the Day Labor Station. They saw a problem that typically goes unseen in most cities- the instability to accommodate day laborers.  Due to the current state of the economy, many day laborers gather on street corners, home improvement store parking lots, and other spaces that do not offer the basic amenities like, shelter, water, and toilet facilities. The solution was to design a flexible structure that can be deployed at the informal locations. The self-sustaining project responds to the needs and desires of the day laborers.   

In 2005, Public Architecture launched The 1% program. The program challenges design firms to pledge a minimum of 1% of their time to pro-bono service.  Has the firm you work at accepted the challenge yet?

For more information on the 1% Challenge and other work examples, click here.