Design Exhibition: What To Do With Sullivan?

Design Exhibition: What To Do With Sullivan?

Sunday June 17, 2012 from 7 – 9pm
Duffy Design, 520 Harrison Avenue, Boston MA

Relics are all around us. Buildings that were built to be highly functional in one moment often find themselves in need of reimagining for the present. One such building is the hulking Sullivan Courthouse in East Cambridge, a hybrid structure housing jail cells, offices and court functions that stands as an unpopular monument of a previous generation’s optimism about architecture’s power as a societal tool. As Rem Koolhaas has said, “Open season has been declared on postwar architecture,” and this seemingly universally reviled building is slated to meet the wrecking ball within the next year.

Rather than stripping the building down to steel and starting again from scratch, as is the current strategy out for developer bidding now, students at the Boston Architectural College have explored repurposing the courthouse, probing the nature of the envelope, prominent in the Cambridge skyline, and the program housed within. Under the direction of professors Tad Jusczyk, whose own graphic novel will be on display, and Sarah Hirschman, students engaged with the Sullivan Courthouse as a developer/architect might, to imagine a future for the structure that celebrates its history in the public realm.

Students developed arguments for adaptive reuse and the reimagining of programmatically specific spaces such as the jail, housed in the uppermost four stories. The products of this studio, on display during Common Boston week, are comprehensive design proposals, community engagement and news outlets to bring attention to a major public issue.

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