Competition :: You Fab 2012

Deadline:  August 31, 2012 

FabCafe is the first café in Japan with a laser cutter. Four months ago, FabCafe opened its doors in Shibuya, Tokyo. So far, they’ve had more than 10,000 customers, and they’ve created over 600 works of art with their laser cutter.

Their next goal is to share the excitement of fab with more people. So, this summer FabCafe has joined forces with the platform for creators to host an international design contest: You Fab 2012. One of the main appeals of fab is that someone can email you a design for a physical object like a bicycle, and it’s like sending you the bicycle itself. With a laser cutter, you can fabricate almost anything you want. For You Fab 2012 they're looking for exciting ideas from around the world, beyond the walls of their café in Tokyo.


Mac Fab: Use the MacBook cover as a canvas for your original design. The laser cutter engraves the coating on the surface, not the metal. Your design will appear white when it is engraved.

Free Fab: You choose the materials and theme.

The laser-cutter can cut materials up to 813x457mm. The thickness it can cut depends on the material. The precision at cross-sections and start and end points will be lower with thicker materials, so we recommend a maximum thickness of 5mm for both acrylic and plywood. Everyone who enters the contest will be given a 500 yen discount on one use of the FabCafe laser cutter.

Anyone is eligible. Entrants need to have an account on Prizes are available too. To participate, click here.