Free FUN Fridays :: 7.20.12

Free FUN Fridays (sponsored by the Highland St. Foundation) invites you to visit designated cultural attractions every Friday this summer with free admission. No registration or tickets required. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Free attractions for Friday, July 20:

The zoo features over 250 animals and 30 exhibits, including elephants, bison, mountain lions, bears, eagles, seals, otters, and farm animals.

Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center
Check out this professional art museum within New England's largest conservation organization, connecting people and nature through art. 

This beautifully restored village, set amongst acres of farm, woodland and pasture, is home to the premier collection of Shaker buildings and artifacts. Explore their hiking trails, gardens, and gallery spaces.

Visit the tallest all-granite structure in the United States located at the tip of Cape Cod.

This art-deco building was one of the first all steel and glass curtain-wall structures built in America. Check out the high ceilings and Gothic arches that are reminiscent of a medieval castle and offer a powerful setting for the museum's collection. 

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