Grassroots 2012 :: Day One

From July 19 - 22, 2012, two BAC students, John Poillucci, AIAS treasurer, and Jean Yau, AIAS President, attended the AIAS Grassroots conference in Washington DC. This is a three-day, annual conference where attendees choose which track they will take. John took the Career Track, while Jean took the Leadership track. We will post John's experience here on the BAC Student Development Blog!

Grassroots 2012 :: Day One
By John Poillucci, B.Arch Candidate

Today was exciting to say the least. As the first time going into DC, it was interesting to see the sight’s one may become familiar with in the media finally spring to life in person. Even better, we were welcomed by some interesting individuals. Along with the fellow AIAS chapter members we met from around the country, we met some of the heads of the overall organization.

As the opening ceremony progressed the newest organization heads were sworn in, which was followed by a speech by the president, and a question and answer session between the attendees and the Legacy panel. It was at this point that AIAS began to take on a more important stature to me. This was because these panel members really displayed that they really cared about architecture students’ well being.

Many stories were passed around about how, in small and large cases, AIAS joined together to overcome hardships and extend qualities of an architecture student’s life. Soon after the warm welcome, we have returned to the hotel for a little bit of fun and meeting other AIAS members.

As I am about to begin the “Career Track” part of this conference, I begin to wonder what other conference’s have to offer as well. There are many other types of this sort of meeting between AIAS members in the Northeastern quadrant’s meeting in New Jersey and Forum in Savannah, Georgia during the winter. If these conferences are as fruitful as this one is beginning to be, it is totally worthwhile.