Blog Pick :: The Design Blog

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

It's summer time and that means you are trying to stay away from the computer and find fun things to do.  But on those hot, humid or rainy days - why not brush up on your graphic design skills.  The Design Blog is full of fun, graphic ideas that you can get inspired from.
Genis Carreras, London based freelance designer

The Design Blog is as it says, "not just another design blog with random inspirational posts."  These design posts are submitted by designers from all over the world. The blog was created and is maintained by a design student from Zagreb, Croatia.

Benjamin Garner from Austin, Texas

Check out this blog and then go have some fun and make a cool poster to hang up, or even better - some business cards to hand out!  And if you're interested in submitting some of your work, click here.