Creating an Inclusive LifeSpace for the Aging

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Creating an Inclusive LifeSpace for the Aging
by Prof. Ricardo Gomes
Tuesday August 14, 2012 at 12 pm
Institute for Human Centered Design, 200 Portland St, Boston MA
To RSVP, email Willa Crolius or call 617.259.1655

In preparation and recognition of the IDSA 2012 International Conference: The Future Is..., Prof. Ricardo Gomes, Chair of the Design and Industry Department at San Francisco State University will be presenting for the Institute for Human Centered Design Lunch & Learn session, Design for Living: Creating an Inclusive LifeSpace for the Aging.

The presentation will feature a Graduate Industrial Design Studio at SFSU that was held last Spring Semester 2012 that focused on inclusive, universal design applications in regards to identifying and developing responsive methodologies and procedures that encompass the promotion of flexible independent living environments that evolve with the user. The purpose of this seminar was to address and assess how design can be utilized to facilitate the micro and macro living environment ("LifeSpace") of as wide a range of the users as possible regardless of the user's ability, disability, age or gender.

The seminar featured design concepts for the product environment and interior space that facilitates the universal access of essential spatial environments in the home that are key in sustaining and promoting "independent living" for both the elderly and persons with disabilities. These paramount issue of safe use, access and comfort confront and benefit all users on daily basis in their primary "LifeSpace," can be interpreted as their home space; work space; creative space; recreational space; or spiritual space.

The Grad Seminar supported a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that was human-centered and involved the participatory input of the designated users/beneficiaries. Although the Grad Seminar was a designated "ID" Studio, the studio employed a very interdisciplinary design methods and techniques based upon the IDEO HCD Toolkit.

In this respect, the seminar conducted a number of bi-weekly studio methodology exercise relative to "Narrative Design", Design Storytelling and Product Service System (PSS) approach to the project outcomes. A diverse range of interdisciplinary guest speakers and consultants - architects, gerontologists, accessibility consultants, and product designers contributed to the seminar on a bi-weekly basis.