Digital Fabrication Initiatives at the BAC!

We are quite proud to announce a great leap forward towards re-establishing a culture of making, with the purchase of several digital fabrication tools at the BAC. A combined effort between our Education, Information Technology, Facilities departments, and Atelier has led to the purchase of a new Laser Cutter and a 3-axis Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Router.

For those unfamiliar with these technologies, the 36" x 18" bed Laser Cutter produces precise modeling components and/or an imprint of photo images on acrylic or basswood at a range of thicknesses via various 2d CAD and/or imaging software. The CNC router expands this capability to larger materials - up to 2' x 4'  and 6" in thickness. It is capable of cutting plywood, mdf, foam or acrylic into flat stock building components or contoured 3d surfaces.

This exciting new tool resides in the Woodshop, in the basement of 320 Newbury Street, and will be used to generate topographic site models, casting moulds, furniture components, and even installation scale projects.

In addition to these new tools, the BAC has awarded two research grants to current instructors towards successfully implementing these technologies (as well as 3D printing) across all of the disciplines at our College. We have also begun construction on facilitated an Atelier sponsored Laser Lab Rehab - a renovation to the current room on the 4th floor of 320 Newbury (more on that to follow).

We are actively working on this initiative and making progress every day. The new Laser Cutter is available to use immediately. Be sure to check back on the blog for progress updates as to when the CNC will be available for use! Stop by Kyle Sturgeon's office (#207 at 320 Newbury) any time to chat or sign up for update emails by contacting Kyle Sturgeon.