DM4B Digital Artistic Illustration

DM4B Digital Artistic Illustration
Second Half Semester Course Offering
Offered Wednesday 4:00-7:00

Do you wish your portfolio looked better? Would you like to be able to quickly render the digital models of your designs for your portfolio? In DM4B: Digital Artistic Illustration (VS687), you'll learn how to turn all your hard 3D work into great renderings.

This 8-week session focuses on techniques for creating "artistic" (non-photorealistic) renderings using Photoshop with a Wacom pen-tablet to "paint" over layers of lines and textures exported from 3D geometry in SketchUp. As drawings produced by hand tend to focus the viewer on the design, students will be taught to produce illustrations with a variety of expressive and natural-looking styles such as paintings and sketches.

No prior experience in either SketchUp or Photoshop is fundamental, inasmuch as this course will cover the essential features of each in order to explore and obtain the desired effects and results.

This course also examines the underlying principles of organization toward good composition such as line work, color, contrast, negative space, geometry, perspective, rhythm, illumination and entourage. Students are encouraged to use 3D models of their own designs for the final project.