Emergency Procedure

You may have seen posters go up around campus for emergency procedures recently. These posters and a blog post are an effort to provide our students, faculty, and staff with a short "go to list" in case of emergencies. These lists have been posted in classrooms, near elevators and in key locations near emergency call buttons in all our campus buildings.

-In case of a Medical Emergency: Call 911
-Please notify Security at 617.912.9191 from external phone. Staff dial Ext 243.
-951 Boylston St., familiarize yourself with emergency phones on each floor – this will connect you to Longwood Security
-On-site Security can help make a determination as to whether or not medical attention is required. If medical attention is needed and the injury is minor, Security can treat the victim with the first aid kit. If the injury is more serious, Security can call an ambulance.

-Boston Medical Center, 1 Boston Medical Center Place (5 minutes/1.45 miles)
-Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 1 Deaconess Road (6 minutes/1.79 miles)
-New England Baptist, Huntington Ave (8 minutes/2.38 mile
-Mass General Hospital, 721 Huntington Ave. (6 minutes/1.83 miles)
-Brigham and Women’s Hospital 1-99 Brigham St. (15 minutes/4.82 miles)

-When fire alarms sounds and emergency lights are flashing please evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion, take all belongings with you if possible.
-Please walk immediately to the EXIT STAIRWELLS. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS!
-Upon exiting the building please gather across the street from the building as a safety measure
-Do NOT re-enter the building until the fire department has given permission

-Report all incidents to Security as soon as possible at the 320 Newbury Street location
-Security can also be notified by phone at 617.912.9191 from an external phone. Staff dials Ext 243.
-951 Boylston St,. familiarize yourself with emergency phones on each floor – this will connect you to Longwood Security.
-A report will be filed with the BAC and Longwood Security
-If stolen property is found, the person will be notified
-Please report any stolen items to the local police department in our precinct which is located at: Boston Police Department, 650 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA 02116-6199, Telephone: 617.343.4250