Fall 12 Liberal Studies + History/Theory Electives

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AS118 Art History & Criticism (Not for BID and MID)
AS169 Encounters with Literature
AS180 Writing Poems

Social Sciences
AS154 Economics, Game Theory, and the Housing Market
AS281 Cultural Geography Explored Inside Out

Physical Sciences (for students NOT in LA) 
AS275 Botany
AS276 Horticultural Science I – Trees
AS299 Geology / Landform Analysis
AS376 Horticultural Science 2 – Shrubs (Pre-req.: AS276)

Physical Sciences (for students NOT in BArch)
AS250 Physics* (Pre-req.: AS167)
*for LA students-Physical Science elective is not specifically required but this course can be used as AS Elective

Arts and Sciences Electives
Any of the Above

HT232/7232 Art and Architecture of the Italian Renaissance
HT389/7389 Islamic Architecture in Context
HT110/7110 Contemporary Architecture (Not for BArch and MArch)
HT115/7115 Arch History A (Not for BArch and MArch)
HT118/7118 Art History & Criticism (Not for BID and MID)
HT120/7120 Architectural History B (Not for BArch and MArch)
HT315/7315 Landscape Architecture History I(Not for BLA and MLA)
HT415/7415 Landscape Architecture History II(Not for BLA and MLA)
HT325/7325 History of Interior Design + Furniture (Not for BID and MID)