Free FUN Fridays :: 8.24.12

Free FUN Fridays (sponsored by the Highland St. Foundation) invites you to visit designated cultural attractions every Friday this summer with free admission. No registration or tickets required. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Free attractions for Friday, August 24:

Explore over 1,600 acres and 35 miles of underdeveloped ocean shorelines.

Check out this museum for all ages where exhibits include interactive activities.

Experience history in a whole new way as you spin, weave, recycle, and design your way through the innovation, creativity, and passion of textiles that shape the past, present, and future.

Visit the largest outdoor history museum in the Northeast and journey through time to a rural New England town of the 1830s.  

If you enjoy basketball, go for the basketball.  But you can also go to see the landmark structure that is one of the world's most distinctive monuments punctuating the Springfield skyline.

For more information on these free events or to learn about Highland Street Foundation, click here