Grassroots 2012 :: Day Two

[Photo by John Poillucci]
Grassroots 2012 :: Day Two
By John Poillucci, B.Arch Candidate

I feel as if I learned the most during the second day of grassroots. The day started out with the introduction of some of AIAS's leadership, followed by a presentation from a very prominent employee at Autodesk. She gave much insight on the education and profession of architecture and what the future may hold.

Soon after, I learned about the other organizations associated with AIAS: AIA, ACSA, NAAB, and NCARB. All of these organizations are dedicated to fostering one’s design education. As we neared afternoon, the Grassroots participants split up into their “tracks” or specific programs within grassroots. I happened to pick the career track.

The career track was especially helpful for me since I am just entering the concurrent program at BAC and scoring a job is my number one priority. Luckily, scoring a job was what this was all about. I now feel very confident on where to look for a job, and better yet, performing well at an interview.

The Eisenhower Building [Photo by John Poillucci]

After I finished up the career track, I got to see a Ray and Charles Eames documentary at the Eisenhower Building, adjacent to the White House. The video was shown at a location where the President sometimes gives press conferences. Instead of that, the documentary was viewed and we heard a word from the film maker and some practicing architects after the documentary. The night was finished off by exploring DC, meeting even more people, and having a bit of fun.

The Lincoln Memorial at night [Photo by John Poillucci]