News from the Registrar’s Office

Please log onto Self-Service to insure that your account is free of holds, so that you may access the online registration function on your designated registration day. If you have a stop on your account, please find the relevant contact information below:

Bursar's Office - 617.585.0115

Financial Aid Office - 617.585.0125

Practice Department - 617.585.0145

Health Insurance - 617.585.0211


Library - 617.585.0155

Academic Advising - 617.585.0160

During registration, the phone support number is 617-585-0135.

If a space opens up in a course with a waitlist, the first person on the waitlist will be notified via their BAC email account. That student will then have 24 hours to respond to the email, indicating whether or not they would still like to be placed into the course (and what, if any, other resulting schedule changes may occur). Failure to respond to the emailed notification within 24 hours will result in the loss of opportunity to register into the course in question, as the seat will then be made available to the next person on the waitlist.

The period of time during which one may Add into a course once the semester has begun is one week. Students are not allowed to enter into courses in week two. While Drops may continue through week two, please note that you will still want to be certain to stay at or above your minimum academic credit limit (varies for concurrent: 6.00 or 11.00; 12.00 for AOP).

Please note the following schedule:
-Classes begin Monday August 27th
-Add/Drop forms will be available at Student Affairs (3rd floor of 100 Mass Ave)
-Add period ends Friday August 31st at 5 pm
-Drop period ends Friday September 7th at 5 pm

Sketch Problems
Sketch Problems 1, 2 & 3: Students will no longer be able to exchange sketch problems as in the past. Each Sketch Problem has a distinct curricular goal and students are required to complete all three over the course of their education.

Sketch Problem Grading
Please note that Sketch Problems are credit-bearing courses, and as such the grade for non-attendance is “NF” (failure due to non-attendance), not “NS” (no show). Therefore please utilize the Add/Drop periods in order to drop a Sketch Problem should your ability to attend change. Please note you may only drop a sketch problem during a designated Add/Drop period prior to the occurrence of the sketch problem.

Portfolio Review Registration
-If you are an Architecture or ID student, please remember to sign up for the segment I review in conjunction with B2 studio
-If you are a Landscape student entering your last semester in segment I, please remember to sign up for the segment I review
-Please note that a prior registration in portfolio review does not carry over if you did not submit or pass – you must sign up again for the current Fall semester in order to submit in January.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office with questions, and we look forward to seeing you for the Fall semester!