Sustainable Design Courses :: Fall 2012

We are excited to announce two new on-site Sustainable Design courses this fall at the BAC. These will be offered through the School of Design Studies, Sustainable Design program but open to other degree and continuing education students who are interested.

If you have any questions about the courses or want to learn more about the Sustainable Design program contact Shaun O’Rourke at

TM108 Introduction to Sustainable Design:
Offered Tuesday 7:15-10:15
This course examines the underlying principles of sustainable design within the built environment. The class will focus on environmental issues and design processes that enable professionals to create a more sustainable world. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts and terminologies of sustainable design and how these have evolved over time.

The course provides context for the green building movement and will help students understand the breadth and interconnectedness of this wide-ranging field of study. Students will gain an understanding of sustainable design by examining the impact of human interactions, the built environment, and natural processes. This course also examines the underlying principles of sustainable design including energy efficiency, public policy, indoor environmental quality, ecology, and land use.

TM206 Sustainable Building Systems:
Offered Thursday 7:15-10:15
The built environment has a significant impact on energy and how material resources are allocated and consumed. In response, many cities, towns, and industries are adopting green rating systems and policies to address these rising challenges. Understanding the complexity of the built environment at a range of scales is critical to developing design solutions that integrate sustainable building practices with human comfort.

This course approaches sustainable development for buildings, neighborhoods and cities by examining how systems affect environmental quality, human performance, and well-being. Case studies of historic and contemporary structures and planning projects exemplifying various sustainable features will be explored.