ASID RealWorld DesignWeek 2012

ASID RealWorld DesignWeek
November 4-10, 2012

RealWorld DesignWeek is a national mentoring program offering both hands-on and online learning experiences to introduce students to the real world of interior design. The program is designed to educate the next generation of designers and provide them exposure to professional practices and access to career development training.

RealWorld DesignWeek exists exclusively for ASID members. During the week—November 4-10, 2012—ASID student members will visit the work locations of ASID designers, industry partner reps and educators to shadow for a day.

RealWorld DesignWeek is book-ended by a pair of online instructional seminars—Prepare and Position—hosted by prominent guest speakers.

On the front end, Prepare educates students on various aspects of professionalism including:
-composition of a professional introductory business letter
-construction of a cover letter and resume
-proper business etiquette and attire
-correct use of digital communication

On the back end, Position reinforces the importance of follow up to address:
-continued business etiquette
-how to maintain contacts
-how to expand experience into possible internship or job placement
-how to use experience as a stepping-stone to future career

RealWorld DesignWeek will launch simultaneously nationwide each November in every ASID chapter. For any questions on how to get involved, email or click here.