Blog Pick :: Building Our Sustainable Future

Bike rack showing how many bikes equal a car parking space
By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate
Building Our Sustainable Future is a blog documenting the journey of Stephen Messinger, a BAC Master of Architecture Alumn, as he investigates zero energy and sustainable neighborhoods/cities in Sweden with the goal of making change back here in Boston.

Messinger is this year's recipient of The John Worthington Ames Scholarship which is awarded to a current Segement III student or a recent graduate, and allows for further personal development through an educational experience related to architecture. For more information on what Stephen hopes to learn and gain from his studies, check out the post, "What Boston can Learn from Malmo: (re)Developing a zero energy city".

Zero maintenance green roof outside Stephen's apartment window.  Notice the elevated walkway to mechanical equipment without walking on vegetation.
The blog is updated frequently with posts of Stephen's travels and explorations through numerous neighborhoods, as he documents ways of living sustainably. Stephen explored Vastra Hamnen, a neighborhood within Malmo. Bo01, a section of which was developed into housing. It was dubbed "the city of tomorrow" by city planners when it was being designed back in the 90s. The narrow car-free streets twist and turn, as Stephen describes it, "like a medieval maze". The development also features cleaning rainwater and depositing it back into the sea - all this with beautifully crafted houses of all sizes and colors surrounding the harbor.   

European village in Bo01 in Vastra Hamnen, Malmo along the canal
Follow the journey Stephen takes and read up on all the Scandinavian sustainability, design, and culture he can get his hands on. Congratulations Stephen, for winning the Ames and thanks go out to you for broadening our horizons via blog!