Blog Pick :: Inhabitat

By Angeline Focht, BArch Candidate

Inhabitat is a blog dedicated to efforts that build a cleaner, brighter, better future. The website brings together information from design and science communities to create a thorough resource covering some of the best sustainable designs, ideas, and innovations currently in progress. Articles range from 'cargotecture' in Berlin, to beehives in Queens, to hover bikes that could have come straight from Star Wars.

There is a new cultural center in Berlin, Platoon Kunsthalle, a complex built from 34 recycled shipping containers. The building was constructed in 8 days, using 2 cranes. The shipping containers were stacked to allow an open atrium through the core of the building. The steel end caps of the containers were cut off and replaced with glass to allow for light to flood through the building. The structure will be dedicated to showcasing underground and subculture art and design.

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In other news, a new microbial fuel cell has been developed by a team of engineers at Oregon State University. The cell is capable of generating 10 to 50 times more electricity from waste that MFCs before it. The team is hopeful that their new cell will enable waste treatment plants to not only power themselves, but to sell the excess electricity they produce back to the grid. The team is currently looking for funding and a potential test candidate in order to test out their system at a grand scale.

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