Blog Pick :: The Mid-Century Modernist

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

The Mid-Century Modernist is a tribute to the mid-century modern movement as both a historical milestone as well as a living deal, reflected in today's popular architecture, furniture, and design. 

Jared Rusten- Califronia table series

A recent article showcases a well known woodworker from San Francisco, named Jared Rusten. Rusten is best known for his really cool California series, which are large slabs of finished walnut, cut into the shape of his home state- California. The shape of the table works very well as a coffee table and even better as a desk. For more of Rusten's work, click here. The site often showcases designers work of both the past and present on the site, so for more click here.
 A few of the curated selection of mid-century posters that are for sale from Vintage Seekers

The blog features many articles about different types of mid-century furniture, accessories, and art. A post from March shows off vintage ski posters of Europe. Vintage Seekers, a high-end UK dealer was showcasing a curated selection of mid-century posters. The original prints are up for sale for a hefty price tag, so you'll just have to enjoy the view from your computer screen. 
Eames inspired ornaments - do the same thing but make it a bookmark and give it to me!

The creators of the site write, "If good design is a balance of aesthetics and utility, the craft peaked in the years between 1945-1970."  I'm not sure if that's quite true, but it does give us all something to aspire too. The site is full of architecture, interiors spaces, and accessories so check it out, use it as inspiration to furnish your new apartment, or use it for your studio project.