Blog Pick :: Trendir

Written by Alyce Packard, BID Candidate

Trendir is one of the best sources for trendy modern home products. They have products for every room in your home, from fabrics to fireplaces. Their site, is filled with inspiration. They have finished spaces, indoor and outdoor; they have furniture, appliances, and decorations.

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This first piece really grabbed my attention. It seems like such a simple idea but I can honestly say I haven't seen it done before. Not only is this great looking but it looks fun to use. This Swing Table was designed by Christopher Duffy. His intentions were to create a room within a room and to add a little playfulness to a boardroom meeting or a dinner.

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This site has a lot of clever little decorations and this one in particular stood out to me. It's taking something classic like a wine rack and making it young and fun. I also like the fact that this piece looks the best when it's actually in use, when the wine is in the rack it looks like the knob or dial on the device. I think this would be very popular among young college students, I would love one personally. This wine rack is actually just part of a whole room designed by the Italian duo Rocket Design. They're fun and original. If you're ever in need of some new ideas or some one of a kind designs, this is the site to check out.