Constitution Day 2012

This year, the U.S. will celebrate the federally recognized Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on Monday September 17, 2012. This year marks the 225th anniversary of the Constiution of the United States.

In remembrance of the signing of the Constitution and in recognition of the Americans who strive to uphold the duties and responsibilities of citizenship, the Congress, by joint resolution of February 29, 1952, designated September 17 as "Citizenship Day," and by joint resolution of August 2, 1956, requested that the President proclaim the week beginning September 17 and ending September 23 of each year as "Constitution Week."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 17, 2002, as Citizenship Day and September 17 through September 23, 2002, as Constitution Week. I encourage Federal, State, and local officials, as well as leaders of civic, social, and educational organizations, to conduct ceremonies and programs that celebrate our Constitution and reaffirm our commitment as citizens of our great Nation.

--President George W. Bush, September 2002

On September 17, 1787, the US Constitution was signed by thirty-nine men who changed the course of history in our country. Constitution Day is a time for American citizens to continue their legacy and develop habits of citizenship.

Here's how you can celebrate Constitution Day:
-Read a scanned copy of the U.S. Constitution is available online here.
-Watch this video of the Preamble to the Constitution
-Check out the National Constitution Center website.
-Take the Which Founder Are You Quiz.
-Read these ten facts about the Constitution of the United States.

Please note: The BAC is open on Constitution Day.