Density, Sustainability, + Livability in Historic Cities

Photo by Songquan Deng

Boston Preservation Alliance Urban Forum 2012
Density, Sustainability, and Livability in Historic Cities
Thursday September 20, 2012 at 5:30 pm
Cascieri Hall, 320 Newbury St

Admission is free, but space is limited and advance registration is required. Reserve your spot by emailing or by calling 617-367-2458.

Density. Sustainability. Livability. Individually, each has become a catchword in urban policy parlance. Inextricably linked, they present a complex web of issues, aspects and factors that, together, determine the success of an urban environment.

The insight of three esteemed speakers will set the stage for an interactive discussion among attendees about the ways in which these dynamic forces interact and particularly as they relate to the competitiveness of a historic city like Boston. Other venues have focused individually on each of these three elements. In this Urban Forum, we will explore them as a dynamic, integrated whole within the context of the social needs and environmental values of our city.

As we look to the coming decades the following questions will be considered and discussed:

-Will we have a city that people will want to live in?
-Will we have a city that equals or exceeds that of our global competitors?
-Will we have a city that still works and has managed to hold on to its soul?
-Are today's tactics helping us achieve our goals, or do we need to change our methods - or perhaps even the goals themselves?

Join us to discuss how these key elements: density, sustainability, and livability all contribute to the quality of life, the competitive advantage and, collectively, the preservation of Boston.

Co-sponsored by the Boston Architectural College and the Boston Preservation Alliance